Our Work

ca-homeMost of our current work involves Web sites and social media, often complemented by books, TV series and Webisodes.  A fully integrated communications strategy is, in some ways, a lot easier to put together than it used to be.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is there’s a lot more competition now that just about everybody is his own publisher.

It takes a steady hand to stay on course, speaking quietly but confidently.

Here are a few of our current and relatively recent projects:

  • ConsumerAffairs  A Web pioneer since 1998, ConsumerAffairs.com empowers consumers to share their experiences and, all too often, misfortunes.
  • BrioMio It’s your life, celebrate it! We’re disrupting the drab and dreary obituary business.
  • ParkTrot  A new site bringing dogs and dog-walkers together.
  • VikiKing  Guru Goddess to the stars, Viki Joy King, the author of “How To Write a Movie in 21 Days, provides private consultations worldwide.
  • Rx411 Prescription for Health. News, information and consumer resources about prescription and over-the-counter drugs, official Medicare hospital ratings and other healthcare topics.
  • FairfaxNews Everyone is trying to find the right formula for local news on the Web. We’re making our attempt in Fairfax County, Va.
  • CreateAnLLC A guide to the legal aspects of starting a small business.
  • PalmSpringsNewswire.com We’re also trying out some local news ideas in Palm Springs, California (temporarily suspended).